The Piano Projecct

The Piano Project

A Gator By The Bay Feature Available to All

The Piano Project consists of unrelated worldwide community outreach organizations that aim to resettle unwanted pianos into schools and community centers that could not otherwise afford them. Because of their cost to move and maintain, people often choose to throw pianos away, sell them for parts, and even burn them for firewood. The Piano Project endeavors to save these pianos from the landfill and reroute them to classrooms, public spaces and living rooms where they will be put to good use.

The San Diego based Piano Project is a philanthropic endeavor founded by Kenneth Rexrode. The Piano Project facilitates the donation of pianos and other musical instruments to community centered organizations. The Piano Project is supported in part through both monetary and instrument donations from music loving members of the community.  Mr Rexrode, who also owns and operates Rexrode Productions and Mr Patrick Marelly of The Marelly Group are the Project’s primary benefactors. Piano Project volunteers assist with the administrative and logistical requirements as well as providing the labor necessary to move the pianos to the receiving organizations. The majority of the donated instruments go to various San Diego County Elementary,  Middle and High Schools.

Mr. Rexrode also sponsors a Dedication Ceremony to celebrate each presentation occasion.  A professional musician who volunteers their time simultaneously entertains and educates the children during the ceremony.  During the ceremony the children learn  how music positively impacts their academic, social and, as they grow into adulthood, their professional lives.  The Dedication Ceremonies help create a new community, built on common ground, that supports the joy that only music can create in the hearts and minds of those it touches.

Piano Project supporters believe putting music back into the schools and into community centered locations is one way to help make the world a better place – one child, one place, and one piano at a time!

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The piano that will be placed in the Louisiana Food Court at Gator by the Bay will serve as an introduction to the PianoProject to all our attendees.  It will be available to play by anyone who wants to tickle the ivory!