Louisiana is a vivacious culturally packed state whose flag has family and traditions woven into its fabric. That being said, Californians definitely know the value of family traditions as well as how to “pass a good time.” That’s why we, here at Gator by the Bay, humbly propose you and your family make us an annual Mother’s Day weekend tradition!

Does your family (or tribe) have any traditions that involve cultural music and food? Do y’all dance and swing to live music? When y’all meet up at a location to commune, does it have rolling hills, covered tents, and offer a view of the night sky? If you can’t answer yes to any of these then you need to lock us in for this year and next right now!

Consider these things as well: no one can complain about having to stuff down Aunt Susie’s mysteriously wet Seven Layer Salad because with all of the food variety we offer, there’s no need for Aunt Susie to cook; no one can shirk out of cleaning up the kitchen because we have receptacles throughout to take care of your plates; no one has to get trapped into hearing Grandpa’s old war stories as a means of annual entertainment because we’ve got musical acts to entertain you for days; no one has to give up their comfy bed to the guests at our annual tradition because…well, we ain’t that kinda party; and lastly, there is something for every member of the family to enjoy here because we thought about each one of you when we gathered the finest musicians, chefs, vendors, and krewe together to host the best time on this side of the bayou!

So, that’s settled–see you again next year!